Timian Training and Development

Timian Training and Development was established in 1994 by its three founding members who developed a system of conflict management and physical interventions  appropriate to the client groups they were working with.  This was largely in response to a lack of appropriate systems and training available at the time.

Following the retirement of two of the original team, co-founder James Hourihan took the company forward to the point where it is now nationally accredited and provides training, advice and consultancy to independent, public and voluntary sector organisations.  This also extends to providing services to private individuals, families and informal carer groups. 

Who Do We Train?

We provide services to a diverse range of organisations and individuals.  Often our clients work towards enabling some of the most vulnerable people in our society to access community services and lead fulfilling lifestyles in circumstances where perhaps the behaviours of the people concerned challenge the capabilities of service providers (often referred to as ‘challenging behaviours’).  Accordingly, our training provides safe, legal and ethical approaches to managing such challenges based on:

  • indentifying and responding to the causes of challenging behaviours
  • recognising that the way we respond can directly effect the outcomes in terms of the escalation of challenging behaviours
  • developing individual strategies to match the needs of the individuals concerned
  • focussing on early non-physical intervention to prevent escalation
  • providing safe and appropriate physical interventions as a last resort

We also work with organisations who come into contact with the public which can, on occasions put them at risk.

Our current portfolio of clients includes:

  • County Council Social Services Departments
  • NHS Trusts
  • Special Schools
  • Independent Hospitals and Healthcare Providers
  • Independent Housing and Social Care Providers
  • Small Independent and Voluntary Sector Service Providers
  • Fanilies and Carer Groups

What Do We Teach?

We teach a variety of courses details of which can be found in our training section.  We are able to provide a flexible service and pride ourselves on being able to meet the requirements of organisations large and small.

We provide open courses accessible to individuals and small groups and closed courses for larger organisations which can be delivered within the organisations own training facilities or workplace.

For larger organisations, we provide trainer training designed to develop and support accredited ‘in-house’ trainers to deliver training to staff groups within their own organisations.  The ‘in-house’ trainers, in addition to delivering training, are able to provide a point of contact for advice and support to their organisations and are able to access further expertise through Timian Training and Development.

Accreditation and Affiliations

We are accredited by BILD  (The British Institute of Learning Disabilities) Physical Interventions Accreditation Scheme developed by the Department of Health and Department for Educations and Skills which is supported by Section 7 Local Authority Guidance. 

We are involved in the new NHS initiative with the Counter Fraud and Security Management Services (CFSMS). 

We are involved in the final stages of the National Institute for Mental Health in England (NIMHE) guidance on physical interventions which will lead to a further accreditation system.

We are also members of the Institute for Conflict Management (ICM)

How To Contact Us

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Tel:     07000 14 15 16

Timian Training and Development
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Timian Training\'s Office & Training Suite

Timian Training’s Office and Training Suite