Timian Training and Development provides a specialist consultancy service relating to a variety of aspects of managing challenging behaviours and conflict management.

If you have an issue that might require this service, please contact us to discuss your current needs.


Our principles when we deliver consultancy services are as follows:

We will deliver a truthful analysis (no matter how painful).
The key factors in employing consultants is that they are impartial, rational, honest in their assessments, brave in their presentation and endeavour to seek out all the relevant information.

We work in the best interest of your service user base.
The purpose of all our work is to ensure that the people we work with receive the best possible services.  Often, this is lost amongst the paperwork, disciplinary procedures, legal requirements, minimum national standards etc. We want the work we do to be of benefit to the most vulnerable in society.

We will keep reports concise and easy to read.
How many times have you received a policy, report, guidance or other documentation that is vitally important but is also 300 pages long, most of which make little sense.  We aim to provide a report within 5 working days of our assessment, which should take no longer than 10 minutes to read and understand.

Consultancy Services Offered

  • Policy Writing
  • Policy Audit
  • Behavioural Audit
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Individualised Client Based Strategies
  • Report Writing Analysis