Training in Conflict Management

We provide training to both public and private sector organisations whose staff work face to face with the public and may at times face situations potentially leading to conflict, aggression or violence.

To date we have provided training for:

  • Local Councils
  • Hospitals
  • The BBC
  • The National Rivers Authority
  • Universty Security Staff
  • GP Surgery Staff
  • Student Groups

Public Sector Training

Target staff groups may include:

  • Traffic Wardens
  • Lone Workers
  • Council Workers
  • Hospital Staff
  • Ambulance and Fire Crews

We provide training in conflict management (which may extend to managing aggression and violence) for front-line staff throughout the public sector.  This is particularly relevant to workers who due to the nature of their work may face hostility from members of the public or in circumstances where workers have to operate in locations or environments where there is an increased likelihood that they may face aggression and violence.

All of our training programmes in this sector are bespoke in order to effectively address the specific needs of the organisations and workers concerned.  As such, we would expect the following prior to commencing our training programme:

  • To conduct a pre-training audit to examine the type and level of conflict that employees encounter.  This would include shadowing workers for a period of time (typically 1-2 days) to see at first hand what they experience on a daily basis.
  • To conduct an examination of the organisational policies relating to conflict management and the health and safety of staff.
  • To receive a letter or statement from the organisation/employers clearly outlining their expectations of staff who face conflict in their work.

Private Sector Training

Target staff groups may include:

  • Reception staff
  • Customer Services Staff
  • Tele-sales Staff
  • Lone Workers
  • Travelling Workers (e.g. Outside Broadcast Teams)

Training programmes can include: 

  • Conflict Management Training
  • Responding to Bullying (Office based bullying and aggression is unfortunately becoming more common.)

Our training programmes are aimed at providing conflict management systems that are conducive to maintaining a happy, safe and productive workforce.

All of our training programmes in this sector are bespoke and developed with the organisation/employer through consultation.