Timian Training And Development provides British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD) accredited training in Challenging Behaviours and Physical Interventions.

Why might your organisation require Timian Training?

In July 2002, the UK Government published its ‘Guidance for Restrictive Physical Interventions’ – How to provide safe services for people with Learning Disabilities and Autistic Spectrum Disorder. The guidance covers all areas of service that children and adults with learning disabilities and difficulties will use. It states that:

“All staff who will be required to employ restrictive physical interventions will require specialised training and they should only employ methods of restrictive physical interventions for which they have received training. Trainers should be carefully selected with reference to the BILD Code of Practice and evidence of professional accreditation.”

Timian Training can accordingly fulfil your training requirements. Timian Training is BILD accredited and fully complies with the BILD Code of Practice. Furthermore, we believe that our training and philosophy exceeds its expectations.

For our NHS customers, our training courses incorporate the national curriculum for Promoting Safer & Therapeutic Services (PSTS).

Delivering Training 

Depending on the needs of a particular organisation or group, Timian Training can be delivered either through:

  • Direct Training to Staff Groups

or through:

  • Developing Trainers 

In some circumstances, a combination of both approaches offers the best immediate solution for an organisation.

Direct Training to Staff Groups 

We provide 4 levels of training relating to supporting people with learning disabilities whose behaviour may challenge service providers.  All of these courses may be delivered by ‘in-house’ trainers trained by and currently registered with Timian Training:

Level I – Challenging Behaviour Including Defusion

Duration: 1 day

  • Legal perspectives
  • Causes of challenging behaviours
  • Defusion strategies
  • Developing Individual Reactive Strategies




Level II – Challenging Behaviour Including Defusion

Duration: 1-2 Days

  • Legal perspectives
  • Causes of challenging behaviours
  • Defusion strategies
  • Developing Individual Reactive Strategies
  • Understanding challenging behaviours (indepth)
  • Debriefing strategies




Level III – Challenging Behaviour Including Defusion and Breakaway Techniques

Duration: 2-3 Days

  • Legal perspectives
  • Causes of challenging behaviours
  • The low arousal approach
    • SPACED
  • Passive avoidance strategies
  • Breakaway techniques
  • Behaviour management strategies
    • Developing Individual Reactive Strategies




Level IV – Challenging Behaviour Including Defusion, Breakaway and Restrictive Physical Interventions

Duration: 3-4 days

  • Legal Perspectives
  • Causes of chllenging behaviours including violence and aggression
  • Acceptability of procedures
  • The low arousal approach
    • SPACED
  • Passive avoidance strategies
  • Breakaway techniques
  • Behaviour management strategies
    • Developing Individual Reactive Strategies
  • Restrictive physical interventions




All Timian Training programmes can be tailored to meet the needs of the particular staff group concerned.  The level and length of each course is dependant on the requirements of the commissioning organisation, the qualifications/experience of the staff being trained and the nature of the service which they provide.

Risk Assessment Training

Our training is designed for staff and managers to enable the people they work with to have more fulfilling lives including as far as is practicable, access to and use of community resources and facilities.

Our training address the following subject areas:

  • Risk analysis
  • Legal issues
  • The cost of risk
  • Developing individual risk assessments
  • Activity based risk assessment
  • Policy development
  • Devising safe systems of work

Developing Trainers

We deliver trainer training courses throughout the year including open courses which can be attended by individuals or small groups from different organisations who have been nominated by their employers.

Successful completion of the trainer training programme entitles the candidate to provide training within their own organisation for as long as they maintain their registration with Timian Training and Development.  (Annual registration and attendance at an annual 1-day refresher course is mandatory.)

There are currently 2 courses available for training trainers:

  • Standard 10-day Trainer Development Course
  • Accelerated 5-day Trainer Development Course*

*The Accelerated 5-day Course is aimed at candidates with qualifications and experience in delivering training.

Both courses include:

  • An intensive delivery of the course content up to Level IV including learning and practicing the physical skills
  • An indepth exploration of the theoretical basis of the training
  • An indepth exploration of the legal, ethical and philosophical aspects of the training
  • Familiarisation with the resources and materials provided for trainers
  • Teaching and assessing course participants including the dynamics of teaching physical skills to a group
  • Presentation skills
  • Addressing concerns and the failure of participants to complete training
  • Self-assessment
  • External assessment

Working with Families and Informal Carers

We are able to develop and deliver a bespoke training service to families and informal carers where perhaps they support a person in their own home who occassionally exhibits challenging behaviours and where safe, non-aversive approaches would be appropriate to help maintain a safe and stable home environment.

Lone Worker Training

Relevant for all community based and lone working staff, this course covers:

  • Understanding the risks to lone workers
  • Risk assessment
  • Health & Safety at Work – the responsibilities of employees and employers
  • Safe systems of work
  • The causes of violence and aggression
  • Understanding the importance of communication skills and self-awareness
  • Defusion and de-escalation skills
  • Guidelines for staff
  • Legal aspects including self-defence and the law

This training can be delivered as a 1-day awareness course or as a 2-day course including breakaway skills.

Learning Disabilities & Mental Health

Developed and delivered by experienced professionals in the field of Learning Disabilities and Mental Health, this course is aimed at staff and carers who support service users with ‘dual diagnosis’ in health and social care settings.  The course includes:

  • Epidemiology
  • Defining mental health
  • Factors affecting mental health
  • Understanding issues specific to people with learning disabilities
  • An overview of common mental health conditions and their treatment
  • Guidelines for staff supporting people with learning disabilities and mental health needs

This is delivered as a 1-day course.

Enabling Community Presence and Access for Adults with Learning Disabilities and Challenging Behaviours

Aimed at social care support staff, this course is aimed at developing the awareness of care staff in terms of the practicalities involved in enabling community access for people with challenging behaviours.  It’s a lively and interesting course giving practical guidance as well as insight into the importance of community presence, integraton and positive engagement for adlts with challenging behaviours.

Autism Awareness

Aimed at social and health care staff, this course uses a variety of media and exercises to provide an insight into the needs of people with autism.  It also provides general guidance for staff.