Links to Useful Resources – Web Sites & Documents

This page aims to provide some useful resources for employers, carers, staff, students and others – it is currently ‘under construction’ and we would welcome any suggestions.

Physical Interventions:

Guardian article about the death of an NHS patient during restraint (2006):

Report into the death of David ‘Rocky’ Bennett (1998):

NSPCC Report for parliament into the use of restraint in Secure Training Centres:

Learning Disabilities – Documents:

The Mansell Report (2007)

A Life Like Any Other? – Parliamentary Report on the Human Rights of People Learning Disabilities 2007/8

Learning Disabilities – Web Sites:

British Institute of Learning Disabilities (BILD)

Foundation For People with Learning Disabilities

NHS National Library for Health – Learning Disabilities

Department Of Health – Social Care – Learning Disabilities

Royal College Of Psychiatrists – Learning Disabilities Information

MIND – Understandind Learning Disabilities

Valuing People Support Team

The Learning Disability Coalition


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